Our Services

Our Mission Statement

"Our aim is to work closely with all our partners to provide a cradle to grave service with best in market discounts while maintaining a level of service that excels in all areas"

Why use Frontline Associates?

We are more than just a terms holder; we offer so much more – Here are 10 reasons to use Frontline Associates and the Carmmunity Portal!

Customer Service

1. Customer service is our top priority

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to all our customers. Things do go wrong from time to time but as the old adage goes, It’s how you put things right that matters and we endeavour to ensure complete satisfaction for our broker partner and the end user.

Our Portal

2. Cradle to grave service

We offer a complete service from order to delivery. We do not walk away after a sale is done. We remain involved until the vehicle is delivered, and the customer is totally happy! We do all the hard work for you – we locate the stock, check the spec, check the OTR’s and chase the delivery for you. All you need to do is place the order with us -we will do the rest!

Free Access

3. Free Carmmunity Portal Access

We provide access to our unique Carmmunity portal - Free! Designed and created and maintained in-house it has been tailored to be easy to use, accurate and intuitive. Provides the ability to create OTR’s for Cars and CV’s, see ‘Hot Offers’ and search for National un-contracted Stock. Continuous enhancements made based on feedback and as it our system, it can be tailored to your needs.


4. Competitive terms

We are an official terms holder for many brands and provide competitive terms for both Cars and Commercial vehicles for the broker market


5. Access to National Un-contracted Stock

We receive regular stock lists from all manufacturers so have a good view on what stock is available within our supplying dealers


6. Supply from major Fleet dealers

We have great working relationships with many major fleet dealers. Due to our SLA’s with them, we can provide the best possible service levels We also provide them with Portal access to seamlessly allow you to book deliveries and upload any relevant paperwork, which is stored digitally.


7. Funder Analysis

We can share the best funder to utilise for any car or cv product – analysis based on previous sales. Enables you to ensure you are choosing the correct funder.

Batch Deals

8. Batch Deal Opportunities

Opportunities for committed volumes – these would attract enhanced terms We locate the stock for you and upload to your portal view, so you can track the sales

Our Team

9. Full Office Support

We have a dedicated team to help with queries, take orders, run quotes, chase deliveries etc Although the portal can do all these things, we feel sometimes the human touch is required, therefore the team is always on hand to assist Our ‘live chat’ facility is also managed by the sales team and not automated

Hot Offers

10. Marketing and ‘Hot Offers’

We only market relevant information We market ‘Hot Offers’ on the portal We will update you with any relevant manufacturer news